Site fora do ar já a 2 dias

Bom dia. Meu site perdeu conexão com o banco de dados e por mais configurações que fiz no phpmyadmin e na pasta wp_config.php, não consegui subir meu site. preciso que ajuda Urgente pois já faz mais de 48h que meu site está fora do ar.

Good Morning. My site lost connection to the database and for more settings I made in phpmyadmin and wp_config.php folder, I could not upload my site. I need help Urgent because it’s been over 48h that my site has been down.

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já olhei os tópicos sugeridos e tentei realizar as configurações para o problema mas o mesmo erro ainda acontece.

I have already looked at the suggested topics and tried to make settings for the problem but the same error still happens.

Meu site continua fora do ar mesmo depois de tudo que já tentei e vi aqui no fó■■■. Por favor preciso de ajuda Urgente!!

My site is still down even after everything I’ve seen here on the forum and other topics. Please, I Need Urgent Help !!

What appears when you log into PHPMyAdmin? :slight_smile:

Hello, error appears on any access attempt and I can not configure the database that changed its name I do not know why. Only once was able to access the database in phpmyadmin, but the settings I made were not assumed.

Can you get the site up again?

no, I do not have the database backup to recover.

Can you screenshot said error?

Checking the values within your wp-config.php they are incorrect, you need to copy the database name and username exactly as it shows within database manager.

I already did it but the setting does not enter and every time I go look the settings are wrong again.

Download the file and edit locally and upload and overwrite or I can do it but it won’t be till later tonight or tomorrow

Please I ask you to do it right there. I wait for the time you estimated. please as soon as you raise the site again can you let me know in my email?

thank you.

I’ve restored the wpconfig but it is bringing up the install page now, so I checked your database and it is empty, checking your logs your IP address manually deleted the database 2019-07-26 12:17:38 then later created it again.
I would recommend using reset option from general settings on our panel then running the automatic installer again

I do not have the knowledge to do this procedure. Can you restore to me?

How is this procedure done? Can you send me a step by step to help me?