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My site has not been running since yesterday morning, May 2,
I can put the site in social networks:
Facebook, G +, Youtube, Twitter, etc.
I made a great advertisement for UPHERO.COM
Since the year 2012 in the world of online games.

Please reactivate the site free:

VOLTAREDONDA, May 03, 2017.


Have you read the page you get?



My site is free, I do not want to upgrade now!
I need the website back!


Will my site come back with the same name after this panel change?


The upgrade is a free upgrade from the old-outdated panel to the new panel.

If you don’t upgrade then you’ll lose your site, the point of manual migration is to see what users are actually active, the other accounts will be removed to free up space/resources for everyone.


But I’ll have the same name:


Yes providing you follow the tutorial, backup your site, delete your site, delete your old panel profile, login to the new panel, create your FTP username/password, upload your site, set your web address to the same one.


But I’ll have the same name:
?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?





I’ll take a while to do this operation!
My english is bad and there is a lot of technical stuff!


Have you teamviewer I can guide you?


Give me the link where I should start please!


I do not even know what this is !


Could not you do it for me? Last night I saved everything!


Then you save as:


I do not know English, I’m using google translator!
How can you do the operation for me?



Download to your computer and open it

Provide me with the codes in the box :slight_smile:


Website is up and running fine.


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