Site has been down for 2 days with CPU usage problem

Hi, I have already raised a support ticket for this hilarious problem.

My site has been down since the 26th with the problem of CPU usage.

  1. why has it been down for 2 days with this problem, when an hour would have been more than sufficient!
  2. why was I not informed??!!

How can 000webhost think its acceptable to have 2 days of downtime without giving me so much as a sniff of notice. Even a quick email after it had already even taken down would have prompted me to take action immediately.


Because they suck a lot.

if you do not like move to a different host and stop saying that they are crap.

I agree. It appears the only ones having problems are the ones that do not take the time to read the TOS. Of course a few people that are following the rules have some issues, but the admins are working to get the legit complaints/problems resolved.

You have ■■■■ in your eyes??
Everyone have the same problem.

Kill3rmarc, you have not posted any “issues” with a website ay all. The only post you have are bashing 000webhost. From you attitude I assume your account got suspended because you failed to read the TOS. The only post that comes even close to posting an issue is [URL=“”]here. And saying your website died is not enough information to get any help. All that tells anyone is your site is down…

Everyone have the same problem.
No not everyone. Many people are happy with the [COLOR=red]FREE[/COLOR] service they have, myself included. As said before if your not happy with it go to another host.

Some sites are using a big part of resources and owners do not even realise it (for example maybe you are running a bot to do various tasks or post every few seconds, though you do not get any ‘real’ visitors and do not do anything on the account yourself).

You may open a ticket and we will double check the cause.

I understand how a site might use up its allocated CPU resource.

That does not answer either of the question in my original post.

apparently there has been a DDoS attack?? check that thread below you that is a few other people complaing about sites being down on server 21.

You have exceeded your daily cpu limit and your site is redirected. The limit will be reset every 24 hours.

Here might be some of your reasons why your site exceed daily cpu limit:

. You have too many viisitors and over load free server resources. This might cause by crawler crawling your site.
, If you have add-on you site that take too much resources to run.
. your script is taking to much server resources to run.

If you don’t make change to fix those factors your site will keep gettting suspend as soon as we unsuspend your site.

This CPU limit is a standard on all hosting provider.

if it resets every 24 hrs, why has his site been down for 4 days…??
are you sure this isnt that same DDoS attack? My sites been down 48+ hrs now as well… and i didnt even access it ONCE yesterday.

If the cpu limit reached redirect is stuck, please open a ticket and it will be removed and reset manually. We are sorry for the trouble.

i never received any error messages about cpu limit being struck … I keep getting the following error.

“No data received
Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.
Here are some suggestions:
Reload this webpage later.
Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE): The server closed the connection without sending an”

Ive had a ticket open for 4 days with no help and no response.

if your site is being by crawlers and it can cause your site to over load the server then your site will get suspended every day. You need to do something about stop crawlers crawling your site.