Site is sleeping too long


Hi, my free site should be set to sleep from 5-6 of my local time. It is 7.25 and it is still sleeping, in my administration panel I can see it would get to sleep in 22h 35m so it should be online since more than an hour.
site -> it didn’t happen before


8.03 and still sleeping


My websites are also sleeping. and


Your websites are loading perfectly for me here so I would suggest clear your cache and try and see.

The sleeping time delays usually occur if the website started sleeping in like 10 minutes after the specified time in your 00web host account settings.


It works now but was sleeping for longer than 1 hour, maybe someone could check any logs. I know its free hosting and stuff but 1 hour should be 1 hour as it’s stated


It is indeed one hour but the system might sometimes delay but there is a new feature that is in development mode which will scrap off the one hour sleep. You can read more about it on the this thread Testing new feature to remove website sleeping

Nice day.