Site loading intermittently


My site sometimes loads fine, but then sometimes loads very slow. Intermittently, it will error out and state the site cannot be reached. It is a WordPress site and I’m currently using the free service.

Since this is a school newsletter, I was considering paying for hosting, but now I am unsure if this hosting company is reliable. Is there anyone that can offer advise or do they have someone in Sales that can assure me that I will get better response time and speeds from the site.

Thanks for any help.



I’m not going to push you to Hostinger but you’ve got a 30 day money back refund if you don’t like it.

There are no limits like 000webhost has like the above thread and the hosting is top notch.

But again we won’t push you, if you can disable plugins and use light themes on 000webhost then WordPress is a usable platform.


It may be worth speaking to your IT department if you are working in an educational establishment it would only take the main IT person maybe 10 minutes to set you up a website alongside their main one which they normally have.


The newsletter is for a robotics club in High School. They already have a club site, but it runs WordPress, and I tried, but you can’t run two different themes on one site. Hence the reason, I decided to set up a site on 000webhost. They do have a school website, but I don’t think their IT department would be up for hosting a WordPress site.

Question, regarding hosting, is Hostinger separate from 000webhosts? Or is it the parent company? (If I go with them, will they move my site?) I am just setting up a preliminary site and once it gets approved by the newsletter committee, I want to get off the free site because I know a paid site will be more reliable.

Let me know.


Hostinger is the parent/owner company yeah, if you go with them they’ll transfer the site.


Thank you so much for your help.