Site not secure with cloudflare


I managed to get my site to work with a different domain. I added my site to cloudflare, when I visit my site with https:// it says it’s not secure even though ssl is enabled on cloudflare.



Are you going to be installing any scripts like WordPress on your site?


That’s cool, I will try to delete my cookies.


Just as @Infinity posted, the site is working with SSL. Make sure to clear your browser’s cache.


I will install wordpress


No worries just make sure to specify the correct and then it should work fine when a user loads your site automatically it will go to https.


Thanks on the tip, for me it still says not secure even after clearing the cache and the cookies.


Are you trying to visit



http:// no error but still not secure.
https:// error saying not secure


Any screenshots sorry?



And why is the certificate from 00webhost and not from cloudflare?


That was the old version, before you switched to Cloudflare. You need to find a way to clear your cache.


I installed opera and it still says not secure.


Firefox also, could it be that it doesn’t work in certain parts of the world?


Were you using Chrome before? If so, the cache is shared so it will still throw the error. Try using where you can test your site, and it will show the secure icon when you use HTTPS.


I’m glad to see that it works on browserling, make sure you clear browser cache and change DNS, hopefully it will work on your local machine.