Site not working 500 Error


My website is not working.
I installed a IPBoard 4 Software and it gaves to me a error 500.
I think is the directory but I dont know solve this.
Can support help me?


Hi @1lostgamers_name
The first think that I want to explain you is that ipboard is not totally compatible with our server. So it normally gives many errors in setting it up. And that’s why you can’t install many functions in it.
Only forums of ipboard are supported here and can becrun with very small errors. But if you are trying to install a lot of functions like download etc. Then it will obviously give errors.
So do not install any other functions.
And as i know it is your possibly 3-4 account here. Please do not make more than 1 account here. Continue with your existing one.
Try deleting your .htaccess file or put php_value display_errors 1


Also, why not try Flarum?!


You appear to be trying to install IPS Release (101098) which is outdated and has risks involved.

Please download the LATEST version from your IPS members area and install it - should work fine! :slight_smile: