Site Not Working - Help



I upload a site a week ago to 000webhost. Now, many of the parts of the site are not working properly. Why is this? I re-uploaded all of the files.


Things broken: Typing text, testimonials, parallax background, etc.

Thanks so much for your help!

Hexa Technologies

@sulliops The template is working on our old Neocities site. It must be something with you guys. It is running the same thing except the typing text script.


Hey @hexa, I’m sorry your site still isn’t working. However, your site was built with template, and we cannot help fix an issue that is not with our system, unless of course it was a database or uploading issue. What I suggest is contacting Medium Rare and finding the issue with your code.


@hexa it may have something to do with your cloudflare setup, try making sure that on the “Speed” page of the dashboard, none of the checkmarks are checked.




Seems to be okay now have you fixed it?

Can I ask how you are editing the site?



Is the text typing, testimonials horizontal, and the parallax background working?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi Again!

Just noticed that I turned those on. I turned them off and cleared browser data, but it’s not showing yet. I will wait.


What are you using to edit the site?


The File Manager That’s Part of Hosting


That may be part of your issue; since you’ve purchased a template you’d be better off editing within correct software.


Also, I uploaded the old site files from the Neocities site. Now, just getting that weird popup, but that can be fixed via CloudFlare. Everything else is working. Something got messed up. Thanks for sticking along as I try to fix this. :slight_smile:


Having a look at the theme on ThemeForest you get a site builder to edit the site with the theme?


Yes, but I don’t use it. Feel more comfortable with coding.


No worries then. :1234:


Now just connecting to I deleted the whole website.


Why am I now getting an error that it has no CNAME? I did not remove it


Now the issue is happening again on the main domain. I think it does not load completely since it looks like it does when it loads.


Not sure all fine my side of the world?