Site showing deleted error

Hi all

just noticed an old site now shows this error

Website is no longer available.
The authors have deleted this site.

additionally my account is no longer accessible.

the url should be


If you can provide your 000WEBHOSTAPP URL - I can check deletion logs.
I can’t find any sites via custom domains or email addresses if they’ve already been deleted.

Inactive users are considered inactive if they do not log into our panel for more than 3 months.
Users are given 7 days via email, sometimes this is missed sadly in spam or out of date contact information.
Users are repsonsible for taking regular backups and logging into the control panel regularly.

See more information here: Inactive Users Information

If you provide your full 000WEBHOSTAPP URL I can certainly check to make sure it has been removed?

ok i think it could have been

That URL doesn’t appear to have been registered before no.
If you make a new account and site then park your custom domain again and it works then that’ll confirm my suspicions it has been removed for inactivity, if it says domain already in use I can make further checks.

hi i can now confirm this is correct

So I’ve checked and it was deleted on the 4th October 2019 as per our policy on Inactive Users.

Users must login to our control panel regularly to maintain active status - using FTP doesn’t count, only logging into our control panel keeps your account in active status.

One week prior to deletion our system sent an email out to the registered account and gave the link to cancel deletion and login to our panel, but there was no response to this so the account was automatically removed on the 4th, it may have been you missed it or it went to spam.

Users are ultimately 100% responsible for ensuring they have regular backups of THEIR DATA.
000webhost accepts no responsibility for data loss as agreed within the terms agree upon signup.
Part of the terms of service you agree to upon signup to under section 5 is you agree to keep backups and accept the risk and loss of your content by any means.

You are free to create a brand new account - which I see you already have, then upload your content again, be aware that free subdomains cannot be reused for security reasons.

I see you’ve moved to Hostinger and the team and working on transferring your content for you.
You’ll face no issues at Hostinger and benefit from no limits, more features, live chat and backups.

If you still own
Could you login to the company you purchased the domain from and point the nameservers to resolve to Hostinger

If you no longer own that domain or have access to it, you can register a new one if you wanted.

If you need any assistance let me know and I can guide you through anything :slight_smile:
The only thing we can’t do for you automatically is your existing .com domain since we don’t have access to your current registrar.

Your data has now been transferred and imported onto Hostinger and your old free URL is now redirecting to Hostinger, just awaiting setup of your existing .com domain from your side of things, then you can activate SSL and Business Email.

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