Site sleeping - violation


Good night, my site is sleeping for violating some rules, I do not know what the rules I violated, sorry.
I wonder if they could remove the suspension
my site is


now my site has been archived


Not sure about that I’ll have a look today, what is your website about?




What is the purpose of your website and what is it about


It was initially sleeping for exceeding the free limits, this cooled down and it archived for whatever reason, click the restore button to continue using it


is a marketing tool of my work.
I already clicked to repair and it is not up to scratch.


I’ve reported the archive feature on your site not working.
A developer will manually restore it.

There is a small queue unfortunately.


It has been 1 week and so far I have not reactivated my site, I request urgency, please.


Sorry but there is a queue of accounts dating back to 15th, it’ll be done when the developer marks it as done.
No eta currently.


So I think this was resolved? Please confirm :smiley:


No, the site is still sleeping.


So yesterday I finally restored your website and it was working fine but your website exceeded the free hosting limit and was automatically suspended by the system after removing the suspension right now it has went back into archive state so I will try to restore it again soon and if that doesn’t work then you will have to wait for a developer like originally planned, it appears as though the script you have installed on your website is too pressing for the limits of the free hosting


okay s2 thxxxxxxxxxxx