Site slow loading time


Ey my site is experiencing really slow loading times,
i was wondering if you could find out what it is. The site is:

Its not the images i tried running it without them.


What script are you using?

Does it make a lot of requests?


I’m using html/css and javascript files


It’s a temporary issue, being fixed :slight_smile:


Thank You! hopefully it will work soon


Any news when it will work, my other site does fine but this one is still slow.


Seems to be loading better than it was earlier.

I can only suggest outsourcing your images to sites like

Else you could take a backup of your site (download the public_html folder)

Go to general settings, delete website at the bottom, then re-create it?


I re-created the website it is still slow, I also tried to run it without images and that still makes it slow.


That link above is broken for me, I could suggest if you’ve tried that your script may be at fault?


i removed both sites now and placed this one on number 1 it seems to work now