Site still connected to old domain


Hello! I can’t get my site on server “000webhostapp” to work. I get a failure message saying "Safari couldn’t open the page ”” because Safari couldn’t have a safe connection to server "suzannebillmont”.
It seems as the site is still connected to the old domain… Is there something I can do about it? Anybody have had the same dilemma?


Old subdomains have been deprecated :slight_smile:


Thanks for reply!
– I know! I did the switch from old one (see link on first post) to site and still I get the failure message regarding my old site…


I changed your site database to the new URL and hopefully this helps.

But there is still remnants of url scattered within your site but hopefully this doesn’t cause too many issues.


You’re incredible!!! Thank you so much for your help and support! I’m so happy and grateful for your generosity!