Site stuck in loading screen


Hello, my site has stopped working for the past two hours. I tried to wait an hour but I was doing an important post. Can anyone check the problem for me? Is it just my devices which cant load or everywhere same problem with my website?


@prorocks2013 Your website loads fine now my side.

Clear your browser cache and data.


Cache cookie all data of browser cleared. tried fail.

reset ip clear data. tried. fail.

used vpn to change geolocation. tried. fail.

i am waiting for two hours and i have to present my site to an important guest. please suggest other help.


@prorocks2013 Restart your PC and then try again.


Thanks for such quick replies. I am restarting my PC. Until then can you tell me how to check if my SQL usage is high or not and how to see the CPU and RAM usage? I am little worried because my site uses many plugins. @akhilkumar332


Sry presently there is now way to check.
But don’t use W3 Total cache plugin, As it crashes SQL Server.


Thank you. I triend using it once. My whole site crashed. Very disastrous! I have restarted my PC now the site loads but it is 10 times slower! I really dont know whats wrong. I think it might be my PC. Thanks @akhilkumar332for your help.


Your site loads within 5sec on my side.

Try to use google dns.


I am already using google dns. Other sites load very fast. My site is loading almost in 20 seconds.


I see, Try again in some time.


Its alright. You have helped me a lot. Never thought restarting my PC could help loading my site. :sweat_smile:

Whatever, it has loaded once. I believe it will load faster after a couple of hours. I am happy I can again work on my post. Please close this thread. My problem is solved.