Site stuck @ Migration


Please add my site to the list that appears to be properly migrated, and parked, but won’t show up online:

Instead, I’m getting the dreaded “need to migrate” warning erroneously.



I’m seeing that your site is not pointed properly. Try the tutorial below.


I could easily be wrong, but when I look at my domain manager, it is pointing toward both and In fact, it was before this whole migration process as well. Is there more to it?

Thanks again,


That’s interesting… the global DNS checker shows that you don’t have any name servers set at the moment, maybe contact your registrar?


Your website loads fine now.

Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


Not for me… but I was messing with the MX settings (from Google to 000) before I saw your reply. Did you do something specific, or do I need to just wait for the records to catch up.



Still your site is working fine.

Just Clear your browser cache and data and then try again.


Not to be a pain… emptied cache and still happening. Even tried on my phone, which hadn’t been to the site in weeks… same issue. There was a weird glitch where the site came in once, but then when I reloaded / navigated the warning popped up again.


As far as i see…your website loads fine using your custom domain name.
I suggest try after some time.

Or restart your PC and the try again.


Still having strange issues. I’ll wait a while and then reply.


Working fine using Google DNS


Just had a friend try from his work, and same problem.

Occasionally, the page will load… but if I refresh, I get the error. Try another:

and then try navigating within that site. Goes to error.

I have the router pointing toward both Google DNS sites. Also, I get the errors using incognito modes as well…



A silly question but sometimes it solves the issue, when you open network connections I assume you have changed the network configuration for the active connection you use, IPV4 settings, then DNS to Google DNS servers and save it?

Some people edit the ethernet connection while they are actually using a wireless connection and vice versa, sorry if this sounds stupid.

If you are indeed using Google DNS servers on your active connection and have 100% flushed your DNS cache, browser cache, data etc then please open cmd.exe Command Prompt, and type tracert and post back with results.


Browser IP and DNS is set by router (see image)…

Traceroute below, which, to be fair, I don’t see the Google DNS numbers

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets

1 3.413 ms 2.296 ms 2.498 ms (

2 2.557 ms 2.632 ms 2.254 ms (

3 4.721 ms 6.394 ms 4.732 ms (

4 9.423 ms 8.580 ms 8.809 ms (

5 11.288 ms 9.962 ms 9.065 ms (

6 8.883 ms 8.118 ms 7.715 ms (

7 8.153 ms 9.286 ms 8.345 ms (

8 10.011 ms 9.631 ms 8.801 ms (

9 14.224 ms 14.089 ms 13.483 ms (

10 25.195 ms 23.755 ms 25.378 ms (

11 26.057 ms 28.372 ms 80.978 ms (

12 26.049 ms 26.042 ms 23.393 ms (

13 26.359 ms 25.473 ms 29.849 ms (

14 38.345 ms 38.459 ms 39.423 ms (

15 58.831 ms 35.112 ms 34.885 ms (

16 33.530 ms 41.912 ms 33.801 ms (

17 32.685 ms 33.464 ms 35.414 ms (

18 35.009 ms 32.449 ms 38.645 ms (

19 40.366 ms 39.256 ms 56.487 ms (

20 42.333 ms 47.070 ms 42.200 ms (

21 41.573 ms 39.369 ms 42.319 ms (

22 42.370 ms 39.977 ms 41.437 ms (


Forced my browser to use its own DNS, and now seems to be working!


Even if you set Google DNS within your router, my devices will ignore this and use whatever I’ve programmed into Windows via network configuration.


Great to hear, if you hit any more issues do reply.