Site's DB Management/database not working


I have a blog and soon after i posted the site died on me. I keep getting this “Error establishing a database connection”. When i try to log in the site’s database and i can’t. I get an error saying: MySQL server has gone away.

How does that happen? and how can i fix that?

Edit: After keep trying to connect now i get this error from site’s db manage (phpMyAdmin)
MySQL said: Documentation

#9001 - Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1007 after 10000ms

at least is different from “server has gone away”. still, site is not working because of this.



Thank you. This is pretty sad :confused:


Same thing happened to me. It’s unfortunate but this is free hosting and should only be used for testing / experimental purposes. :confused:


Those were my thoughts at first but i thought id give it the benefit of the doubt. Wanted to see how services were (since just because it is free should not mean that service is bad - unreliable) and decide if getting a paid service later on, but this leaves a lot to be desired. :confused:


I only paid $2 a month for my premium and it is proper cPanel instead of this basic control panel, I prefer to have FULL DNS control, webmail - everything anything I need and it is fast :slight_smile:

If you’ve got a spare $2 worth going for it :slight_smile: I used coupon though.

I still use 000webhost for lesser projects & sticking sites up on just for showing people them instead of messing around parking them on my premium account - I can just make a new site here for nothing and delete it when finished etc.