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Hola, he creado un sitio y hoy me encuentro conque al querer ingresar me da error, si voy a la configuracion del sitio me dice que esta corriendo normalmente, cual puede ser el problema ? porque no puedo ver la web ? gracias.

Can you please provide your 000webhostapp URL

Hello… ok


The error message regarding DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN is an issue on our end currently.

Check when monitors go green then it’ll be back.


I see that it is a recurring problem, is it because it is a free account?

No not exactly, there are people out there who like to cause issues for others using DDoS and such to take websites offline, unfortunately when people attack sites on the free hosting the providers/data center etc sometimes take the services we provide offline to protect their systems.

Null routing is a way to make the internet think that an IP address does not have a destination so any data sent to that IP will not be directed to 000webhost’s network. This works because when data moves between any two machines on the internet every router must know in which direction to send on each packet as it receives it. This is achieved by the large network operators broadcasting to their neighbour networks which IP addresses they are responsible for and where packets bound for their IP addresses should end up.

When an IP is null routed it is broadcast as having no destination at 000webhost’s network so any data that is sent to it will never make it as far as our network equipment. In this way the internet infrastructure does not have to route huge amounts of junk data and 000webhost’s network will not be taken offline as a result of a sustained attack (but the domains won’t load in the meantime which is an issue unfortunately as it looks to your visitors that your site is indeed offline)

And if I move to a payment plan, will I have the same problem?

No we have a vastly different infrastructure and heavily invested on the premium service, so you wouldn’t face these kinds of issues - in the extremely unlikely event you did then the team would refund you obviously - but they have more control and flexibility on the premium service to allow security of these things.

But unless you feel the need to go premium - the free service is a great option for people who don’t mind the odd bit of issues - if your site is public/visitor/business related then it might be good to go premium or find alternative hosting if you wish.

If I only contract 3 months, what happens if I do not renew it, it happens to free again?


Your website will be temporary suspended, till you pay the due amount.
Always keep a backup of your files which saves time in many cases.