Sitmap and robot.txt file add in website

hi there, i am trying to add site map and robot.txt file in my website. i have generated and uploaded the xml.sitemap file in file manager - public. but i did see it work. i need details to understand its work.
and i don’t find a way for generating robot.txt file for my web and where to put it in my website. i’ll be thankful for guiding me. regards.

Hi! What do you mean by “it doesn’t work”. Make sure sitemap and robot files are accessible via browser. If they are, it means problem is from crawler’s side, not ours :slight_smile:

What is your website address?

my website is on
and name is

sorry for inconvenience. i am try to find out and understand the method of use robot.txt and sitemap. i am new to this so i have difficulties.

No worries, happy to help ! :slight_smile:

Sitemaps are .xml files which contain the paths from your website which you want search engines to index or not.

robots.txt is a file which instruct certain search engines not to index certain paths/files.

Sitemaps are generated using a sitemap generator. Robot files must follow a specific syntax.

Sitemaps and robots must be placed on your website in a location which is accessible by browser, recommended on root (ex: or

After they’re placed there you can add your website domain to a search engine panel (Google for instance) and specify the path to sitemap. Google will soon crawl your site and index the pages specified in sitemap.xml

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