SMTP server setup for replying from gmail


I am switching my main email from yahoo to gmail.

I deleted an old email forwarder and added a new one. Mail sent to me at now goes to my gmail address. That’s good.

However, when I reply to one of these emails in the gmail client, I want the “from” address to be my yourfortcollinshome(dot)com address, not my gmail address. To set this up in gmail, I have to go to Settings->Accounts and Import->Add another email address. Then I fill in a form containing my name and my yourfortcollinshome(dot)com address. So far, so good.

BUT in the next step, gmail asks for the name of an SMTP server, a username (prefilled with my yourfortcollins(dot)com email address) and a password. Now I’m stuck.

What should I fill in for the SMTP server, username and password? Is there an SMTP server for 000webhost? Is the username and password my main login for the 000webhost members area?

(When I set this up Yahoo to allow sending from my yourfortcollinshome(dot)com address, I didn’t need an SMTP address.)


I recommend upgrading, or using Zoho mail


That reply is useless jargon and is no help.

Does anyone else have some guidance related to the original question?


This should help you,

If you have doubts do ask. :slight_smile: