Solution for Domain not connecting to 000webhost free site

I had an issue with connecting my domain name to 000webhost free site and I tried everything and I mean everything for DAYS, emailed support many times, came to this forum, changed my computer DNS settings, googled and followed many suggestions and nothing. NOTHING worked. I was about to give up and was mad at both my domain registrar company and 000webhost for not giving a straight solution.

Then I decided to just erase the free site and start all over again. The new site would be a slightly different name (000webhost doesn’t let you use the same name website once you erase it), but it was ok, because it wasn’t going to show on address bar (I had used "mask feature in domain panel).

Well I went through all the motions (added nameservers, forwarded my domain to the new 000webhost free site) and voila! It worked. My domain was connected to my free site in a just a few minutes.

*I did do something slightly different at the last minute when I was trying anything to make it work and that is I went to “redirects” in the 000webhost panel, and typed in 000webhost free site on first line and my domain on the second line. I don’t know if I did this before OR after my site decided to work properly. But I’m so scared that my site won’t work anymore if I erase that Redirect, that I don’t want to mess with it anymore, in case it was that, that made a difference.

Honestly I think It was just that I deleted the old site and made a new one, and that’s all. I’m just happy now after days of frustration. Hope this helps someone.

Hey there not sure why you had such a hard time!
We’ve not got any emails from you?
The only email inbox we’ve got which has humans behind it is moderator @ 000webhost and this is only for suspension queries.

All other support is provided here on the community forum which is the official free support for the free hosting service, we don’t provide email or telephone support for the free users :slight_smile:

Free users can use custom domains with 000webhost but only by using domain forwarding at their registrar :slight_smile:
You DO NOT have to set your domain to our nameservers, this will not work for free users, instead leave them set to registrar defaults and use the domain forwarding feature as you’ve found out :slight_smile:

I’ve checked your account and can see the redirect was removed as it was causing a redirect error loop.

Your domain at your registrar is pointed correctly to the registrar default nameservers, you are using their DNS to then forward to your 000webhostapp URL using masking which is also correct.

You DO NOT need to create any redirects on the 000webhost side of things :slight_smile:

Ah thank you for your responses Infinity! Much appreciate it :smile: Especially clarifying about the nameservers for free users (I found that out later too). But even more important letting me know that I don’t have to Redirect in 000webhost! Now I know for next time! Thank you so much! :sunny:

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No worries happy site building (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

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