Solved: Portrait and Landscape


I’m having a problem with images in email form.
I have a webpage in which visitors can ask me something. When they fill in the order form a email with a picture is send to me and the visitor. When the image is in landscape, there is no problem, they see the picture in landscape BUT when the photo is in portrait they receive the image in landscape.
It is in portrait because it shows right on the website but NOT in the email.
I tried everything and added extra html codes in the email so it will show in portrait even add css - php in the code but nothing works.

I tried another server (another then and there the photo shows in portrait in the email so I think it must be a setting on the 000webhost servers ???

Is it possible to help me out here please so the sent email shows the photo correctly -> portrait.

Thanks in advance.
Warm regards,


Hello all,

I have a feeling this problem, with not showing portrait photos correctly, is webmail/email program related.
So nothing wrong (settings) with 000webhost email server.
Thanks for reading … problem solved