SQL ERROR : Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1009 after 10000ms [9001]


###This is a known issue. It affects only a part of our customers and it will be fixed soon.
###Please be patient and try again later. We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:

General Error
SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Max connect timeout reached while reaching hostgroup 1009 after 10000ms [9001]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.
i get this when i try acces to forum, what is problem and how i can fix it
thanks to all in advance


Hi @rbrp!

It might be related to MAX_UPDATES_PER_HOUR being reached. Please read the following topic and try again after one hour:


@NGiNX Thank you bro, i thinked that something get wrong, page will work after hour?


It should. :wink:

Please reply the results though…


Still dont work :frowning: I need still wait or here is posibility to slove it, and thanks bro for answers


I have forwarded the problem to admins.

Meanwhile, if you have a backup of your database, please create another one and import the backup.

Since how long did this issue occurred to you?


Site worked 15 days without any problem, since 3hours ago i have problems, its phbb forum so i dont know how i can backup 50 posts who are maked on it, and they are important, i will wait few hours and try again if not solutions for fast fix.


We will find. Please be patient.

We are sorry for inconvenience :sweat:


No problems friend, i will wait, thanks for answers :blush:


You’re welcome :blush:


Here is my web sleeping:


Hi @nikitamartensita!

Your website is not sleeping, nor is suspended. It is just timing out.

I see it is a Wordpress one. Please consider reading this topic:


But I am not a spammer. And I don´t have any idea of MAX_UPDATES_PER_HOUR is 5000, if my website doesn´t have any visits at all, I am creating it and it is empty…


This doesn’t depend on how many visitors your website has, but on how many queries your website does to the database. Moreover, this depends on how many/what plug-ins you have enabled in your website.

The settings are global and will not be changed. If you need more resources please consider buying a cheap paid plan, which does not have such limitations:


I am thinking about it, but currently I cannot disable the plug-ins. I ask for you tolet me enter into my wordpress interface and uninstall some plug-ins. If I can not enter, I will not be able to do it.


I can’t apply the exceptions only for you because the settings are global and I don’t have physical access to the servers to change them.

Please try after one hour to access https://emprendedora.000webhostapp.com/wp-admin


I appreciate your effort.
Thank you so much.


I will leave this topic open. If you still experience the issue please reply back…


I am so sorry, but I still experience the issue.


I have already informed the admins about it.

Please be patient and try again later.