SQL tables access denied

Hi there,

I have a problem from today, it is impossible for me to access my SQL databases, I am having this error message: “INSERT command denied to user ‘id7472630_u596124774_gest’@‘2a02:4780:bad:c0de::14’ for table ‘llx_facture_fourn’”.

I have not changed anything on the database, just did not connect since about one month.

Could you help me to solve this out please?

Thank you and have a nice day!

Hey there!
You have exceeded the free plan’s limitations because your database has more than 200 tables.
Our ToS state that a database can be up to 1Gb in size and have less 200 tables.
So the system has automatically removed the write(Insert/Update) privileges


I’m surprized: nothing has changed, the database is the same since it’s been created…
Is this limit new?

Sorry the message left too early :slight_smile:

Anyway I thank you for your feedback!

I have removed some tables to be below this limit, how does it go back to “normal” situation?

@Skirmis will have to resolve it manually unfortunately I’ll open a ticket with developers as well for you

great, noted thank you!

Hello, do you know when it will be solved?

I’ve opened a ticket just depends when they resolve it.

Ok thank you very much!

Also getting this issue, nothing in my database/website hasn’t been changed for months and suddenly this comes up today. Would it be this same issue or something else?
According to my database there are only 186 tables.

Not sure why it has limited you if you have not exceeded 200 tables / 1GB

I’ve added your site to be fixed too then.

Hi, this is still not working, any idea on the leadtime to solve this issue?

Thanks and have a nice day

Still hasn’t been picked up I’ve bumped it for you now to remind them but weekends aren’t working days and free service isn’t priority currently.

Hello, I may understand this but still no news?

Still no one answering the ticket

Both users here should be able to access databases/correct permissions now :slight_smile:

Apologies in developer queue delay.