SSL email activation not recived



I just bought a SSL comod certificate to my website. When i was gonna set up email i could only choose from a list with a email that was like admin"at"

So i created a email on 000webhost that was admin"at"mysitecom and forwarded to my real yahoo email. I have not got any activation email for the SSL. Di i do it corectley?


SSL is provided free for 000webhostapp addresses and if you park your own custom domain like you can obtain free SSL as well using CloudFlare.

At the moment there is no need for third party SSL certificates on the free platform but you can use them on Hostinger.


hm, how to i gett free ssl?

Do i have to sign up on something? Please show me. I allready paid 8 dollar fpr the ssl and could have it refunded.


Where did you pay for it?




Where about what exactly did you order?


Comodo positiveSSL certificate. I paid. price 7.49 dollar but paid 8.7 bitcoin beccause of fees i guess


I’m unsure of the procedures of Hostinger, you can try and get a refund maybe I’m unsure sorry.

If you are using FREE SSL is included.
If you park a domain like use CloudFlare to gain FREE SSL.

Tutorials section of the forum will assist you.


Yes i have own domain and not a free one.

Hm, i found this one but i cant see any pictures. And i dont understand it all cuz my languaghe is not english.How To Use Cloudflare For SSL


Here is some screenshots:


parked domain:

Hostiinger dns:


Looks good so far! :)(

On 000webhost you’ve parked your domain using Nameservers so I think on CloudFlare where you’ve got a CNAME you need to change this to nameservers for 000webhost instead?

@sulliops might advise


like this?

When will i see the green lock on my website url?


Not quite, no make NS records not CNAME records.

(I think) I’m not sure on CF.

@sulliops or another member may advise.


like that?


I think so yes!
and then ns for ns02 as well


Nope, point it using CNAME
That’s for you


when i tried adding ns02 it shows invalid hostname


what do you mean with “@” points to yoursite? In the list there is only " CNAME, AAA, A, MX,LOC, SRV, SPF, TXT, NS, CAA.

Also cant see the pictures you provide .


Two records I think CNAME values www as one and @ as another


Im totaly lost.

Dont understand where the “@” is