SSL email activation not recived


Where did you pay for it?




Where about what exactly did you order?


Comodo positiveSSL certificate. I paid. price 7.49 dollar but paid 8.7 bitcoin beccause of fees i guess


I’m unsure of the procedures of Hostinger, you can try and get a refund maybe I’m unsure sorry.

If you are using FREE SSL is included.
If you park a domain like use CloudFlare to gain FREE SSL.

Tutorials section of the forum will assist you.


Yes i have own domain and not a free one.

Hm, i found this one but i cant see any pictures. And i dont understand it all cuz my languaghe is not english.How To Use Cloudflare For SSL


Here is some screenshots:


parked domain:

Hostiinger dns:


Looks good so far! :)(

On 000webhost you’ve parked your domain using Nameservers so I think on CloudFlare where you’ve got a CNAME you need to change this to nameservers for 000webhost instead?

@sulliops might advise


like this?

When will i see the green lock on my website url?


Not quite, no make NS records not CNAME records.

(I think) I’m not sure on CF.

@sulliops or another member may advise.


like that?


I think so yes!
and then ns for ns02 as well


Nope, point it using CNAME
That’s for you


when i tried adding ns02 it shows invalid hostname


what do you mean with “@” points to yoursite? In the list there is only " CNAME, AAA, A, MX,LOC, SRV, SPF, TXT, NS, CAA.

Also cant see the pictures you provide .


Two records I think CNAME values www as one and @ as another


Im totaly lost.

Dont understand where the “@” is


like that?


Like two CNAME records

One value being @ instead of www
Next value being WWW

Both records pointing to


So in CNAME i wrote: @ then in domainname i wrote my free site.Then i clicked “add”.

I did the same thing but instead of @ i wrote www and in domainname i wrote my free 000webhostapp. com site.

Did i make it corectly?