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Status pages are vital. Without one, your business reputation will suffer.

Why? Status pages are used as a go-to place to find the status of a group of websites. Customers rely on these pages to see the status of your website, in case they’re having an issue loading your website.

Without a status page, you’ll be stuck with a bunch of emails. Yes, it’s very common. If users can’t check the status of your site, they’ll likely email you telling you about that. If you’re a medium to large business, that’s a lot of emails to reply to!

You may have considered a status page before, but decided against it. Maybe it was the pricing or features? For example, StatusPage charges $29 /mo. for their most basic plan. Wow! Plus, you get the bare minimum of features. That sucks.

After months of researching and developing, I am proud to release Sunset. Finally, you can have your own status page that’s cheap and feature-rich. With Sunset, you host it yourself. With 000webhost, you could host it for free!

How much is Sunset? Sunset is $12 (on sale). This is a one-time fee and you’ll get unlimited updates for life. Doesn’t that sound much more affordable? Plus, you’ll get features like: automatic site monitoring, powerful customization features, outage emails, and more!

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