Starving Artists


Some people are like starving artist status, yet their projects, and themselves have a lot of potential. You guys should host like contests, or something for hosting packages. I think it was you guys, were filling a position some years back, and you had to have like so many posts or solved topics or something to be considered; don’t really remember. Which brings me to another idea: make people put in work to enter sweepstakes for hosting packages (or, at least, a few extra features?).

Oh, and make your logo like a svg, with a simple gui for confs, so people like me don’t just remove it (it throws me off)

And a new site builder. If anybody wanted to collab, GrapesJS could easily be made into something much better than Zyro.

Too, maybe like a tutorialized LAMP, for beginners (image?). It’d keep some crap off your servers until the site’s actually ready for production.


I think 000webhost now is at its best, but I can assure some updates will be coming soon :blush:


Oh and, we’re launching an insta page, there’ll be giveaways there :wink:


No. I apologize for saying this because I know the work you guys do; but, I believe it was better when I first started using the service (it’s been awhile). Definitely have the best support of any free hosting, though. Too, I didn’t really care if the post was restored; I was just curious as to what happened to it.



Ah that’s okay, everybody deserves to ask :slight_smile: