Status code in sleeping pages


It comes to my attentation that normal sleeping pages returns http status 403(Forbidden).
But some “sleeping” pages returns status 404(Not Found) and seems a bit different.
Here is an example:
azprescz . 000webhostapp . com (listed as Facebook Pishing in openpish service)
This sleeping state is probably a fake to cover pishing activities. Can you clearify the situation?

Thanks in advance

azprescz was reported by phishlabs to us and suspended automatically - 2019-11-12 20:15:06

We respond to all third party reports, if you have any lists of URL(s) you need suspended simply message me directly and it will normally be dealt with in the hour.

so you have 2 different types of sleeping pages (403 & 404)
thats what i need to know in order to optimize my pishing detection script.

thank you!

What do you need a phishing detection script for? :slight_smile:

Its just a private project for myself to find pishing pages automaticaly and report them.reporting is not automated and i check every page at hand before i report them.
btw: here is my script,
(want to add more hosting vendors in the future)

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403 / 404 unsure of the difference can you provide two examples one of each and I’ll investigate / open a ticket for you with developers.

Great script! :slight_smile:

please gibe me a moment to investigate before open the ticket


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Hmm, i can not reproduce the issue at the moment. I’m sorry for that.
But i’ve been added another status code to the sleeping check, 410-no longer available.
I’m sorry for the trouble but i definetily keep an eye on that amd want return with detailed info.
(or i just do a mistake, in this case i owe you a ■■■■ guys.)


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We have several kind of status pages, sleeping site generally means suspended, if we find the content to be really sketch sometimes we straight up delete them which results in the " There is no such website" or “The authors have deleted this site”

( i want add this status cod when i face them next time. btw: the script is running 24/7 :slight_smile: )

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