Status : Running, but it's actually sleeping


My website went to sleep, because I’m using Free plan… duration is over, it says in Status that it’s running, but actually it’s sleeping, it’s been like that for few hours now… what can I do -_- ?


What is your site URL please?

If your site was sleeping say 7am - 8am then it might not wake up straight on 8am, the job will say hey wake up, but there could be a queue of jobs to wake up a few sites depending on how long the queue is it might be 8.10am, maybe 8.30am by the time it eventually pushes through, only way to avoid this is to upgrade or just settle for it might sleep in from time to time.
But still better than the original 4 hour sleep time :o:

We keep logs of the sleep times so if indeed your site has overslept by an hour I can refer this to the developer as this isn’t normal behaviour and they can investigate it properly.