Steam OpenID not working



So I have a website for giving support to my mods, incase there is any problems, and mainly for a portfolio. It uses Steam’s OpenID login system, so i got this api for it and it’s been working fine until today. Whenever i try to login it comes up with “No OpenID Server found at”. I viewed some of the previous issues on the github page and people seem to be saying it’s their host. Wondering if there is anything that could be causing this. Thanks!


Can’t do anything about that, sorry :slight_smile:


What happens when you try it on a new 000webhostapp URL?


Seems to work fine on a different website, although I don’t want to have to create a new URL for it. Also just tested it with my friend, he’s able to log in fine from Germany…


Using the existing URL he was able to login>?


Yeah, the original website is fine for him.