Subdomain already taken



I had a subdomain before I migrated my website.
It was ""
I couldn’t login into the new control panel anymore so I recreated a new account:
Now when I want to recreate my old subdomain in the new control panel and want to save it, it says: “The subdomain is already taken” ??
Of course I used to have it in the old control panel.
How can I get my old subdomain back which is
I need the same url because my website is in the search engines.

Please help me to get my old url back!!which is
created with email address
valerie dot monteyne at hotmail dot com



For the time being I’ve changed the e-mail to " info dot x10 dot bz " since I am the webmaster of above website.


The subdomain is reserved for an account with the old panel email address, try this tutorial and see if it helps.


Now I can’t even change my email back to the original which is " valerie dot monteyne at hotmail dot com "?
When I enter this email and click “Change Email” and next “Resend Confirmation” I receive the email in my “info at webhulp dot x10 dot bz” again and the email isn’t changed
Please help me to change my email again and to get my old subdomain back.



First Verify your email address from “My Profile”.

Then Go to “Set Web Address” --> “Add Domain” --> "Free Sub Domain"
Here try to add “”.

Hope this helps.


Your login is the hotmail yes?

Doesn’t work for me.


Problem solved!