Subdomains disappeared all of a sudden



My domain is still accessible but all of its subdomains are now unreachable, all of a sudden:

So I went to admin pages.
I haven’t been there for a long time and noticed everything changed (discourse instead of old forums, new admin site, etc.).
I reset my password and eventually reached the admin section where I saw that it seems I cannot access the ZONE manager any more and therefore only the main website is set up now.
All the subdomain site’s files are still there but I cannot restore previous setup that made them HTTP served.

Is it being repaired little by little?
Or has the option of having some subdomains been removed from FREE hosting?

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Now you have to create different websites for each subdomain and point subdomains to each website.


Thanks @andrius,
I can only define a CNAME in my domain provider (gandi) if I don’t set external DNS name servers ( and
I wonder how to edit CNAME on 000webhost, now that I don’t see that DNS zone editor that IIRC I used to have here…


You can point your’s domain NS to and
Then in Set Web Adress page Add domain, Park domain.
Later just create apps and link to subdomains in same page.


Thanks @vaidas, I already have:

And that works perfectly (the main site), I have some .htaccess or something like that in place so that redirects to, which, in turn, displays the main site.

But no subdomain (miaou, shamo, etc.).

So I tried that, on the first row (all my other attempts, I could not do anything else):

  1. Manage > Link Website
  2. Check I want to use a subdomain
  3. Type miaou (the name of one of my former subdomains, each subdomain’s files are still in my root/miaou, etc.)

Then it replaced second row’s www by miaou so I rolled back as I understood by this method I can only define one subdomain.

I don’t understand how I should « just create apps and link to subdomains in same page. » :confused:

Sorry for being so slow to understand, perhaps…

☞ As I said in below topic, I did not know I should have gone to old panel to migrate my domain. Maybe this information can help you helping me. :wink:


@jesus2099 you can define one subdomain per website. So in order to host multiple subdomains, you will need to create a new website for each subdomain and attempt these same steps:

Manage > Link Website
Check I want to use a subdomain
Type miaou (the name of one of my former subdomains, each subdomain’s files are still in my root/miaou, etc.)


OK, so it’s how it is, then. :astonished: Now I understand!
That’s indeed the thing that has changed compared to previous admin panel, then.

Is it correct @andrius? Only one subdomain is possible per site, now?

Don’t get me wrong, @martynas000, it’s not that I don’t believe you: I just want confirmation from an official 000webhost administrator before I actually create all those sites, transfer all those files from main site to new sites and do all new settings. :slight_smile:


That’s what Andrius said in the first reply to this thread. Try it for yourself and you will see :slight_smile:

If you had more subdomains in the old panel than the new one allows you to create, let us know and we will increase the limit.


So, thanks @martynas000 and @andrius.
So I tried and created a new site in my control panel and uploaded the files.
But it says « This domain already in use. » when I try to do the Set Web Adress page Add domain, Park domain thing that @vaidas mentioned.
Indeed it’s the same domain as my existing as I am trying to link subdomain…


That’s because you’re trying to park a domain that is already parked. In order to use a subdomain, you need to scroll lower to the domains table and click on manage “Manage” for the domain on which want to create a subdomain. Then select “Link website”. Pick an app that will be used on your subdomain, check “I want to use a subomain”, enter its name and save.


Wow it worked!

Thanks very much @martynas000! And thanks to @vaidas and @andrius too.

It took time to understand on my side so I’m describing the full thing below, in case I need to do it again sometime.

How to add a subdomain

  1. Add a website (subdomain)

In your Website list, next to your main existing DOMAIN website, create a new Website for your Subdomain-1 and upload all your files for this dubdomain in public_html like you did for your main website (domain).

  1. Link the new Website (subdomain) as a subdomain of your main Website (domain)

Click Details on your domain website.

Click Set web address.

Click Manage then LINK WEBSITE.

Select your subdomain website then click Continue.

Check I want to use a subdomain then type the subdomain (URL) that will end up browsing your new subdomain website.
Then, eventually, click Connect.

Congratulations, you should have a working sub‐domain. :clap: :bow:

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There is one caveat, though.
I used to have 4 or 5 subdomains on my free 000webhost and now with the new system, I can only have one (main + 1 subdomain).
When I click +, it says:

You have 2 websites out of 2 allowed!

Ach. :wink: