Suddenly Gone off!


I made a website and this month and i checked today my theme was reset and not to responding as before.
I setup everything before but now i have to start again!
i am surprised it was happend!
can u explain guys why it s happened?
mb4dotxyz my e-commerce web


Possibly you set up everything but did not publish the site.


it was established more.than 2 weeks


admin page shows this error:(


i reset the website and now i m seeing origin is unreachable error coming up!!!
pls helpp




the reason i mentioned, whenever i wanted to make some updates on my web,it is becoming offline and no response as s very annoying.i wwnt to import products as csv last time ,i couldn’t.
any solution on that!


And also this is the annoying issue is going on aswell i attached can i get rid of???


Hi @mb4!

Since your site is loading fine now and we have no records of recent similar issues, it means your website is using more SQL resources then allowed. Please read this topic for more information.