Suggestions for Inactive Websites

I would like to suggest a change to the removal of inactive websites. I think the time should be increased to 6 months before a website becomes inactive. Also the website should be taken offline a week before its deleted because I think people would notice more if their website is offline then a alert in their email about their website is about to be deleted soon. I didn’t see no email for my website and didn’t know it was going to be delete until I notice it wasn’t up which at that point it was too late. Please consider this.



I’ll forward this to developers, the inactivity period has moved forward to three months as it was previously set longer but with too many inactive users and many daily signups, we kept hitting storage issues you might have not noticed but many users suggested we move forward the inactivity deletion period so we did.
Regarding the notice at the start of the 7 days on the website, this is a great idea I’ll let them know right now!

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Yes like when you would go to your website it would say something like “This website is offline do to inactivity, please login to bring it back on” or something like that.

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