Suggestions for Video Tutorials


Hey Guys! I’m Austin, one of the many moderators here at 000webhost. I am currently making some video tutorials for 000webhost. I would like some suggestions from you on what you would like to see as a video. I will let you know if and when I make requested videos. I will be linking the YouTube account and videos onto a new thread for you to watch. :slight_smile:



Hello, explain the function and return :
function ()



Preferably in PHP language!


@VOLTAREDONDA, thanks for the suggestion! I’m not sure if I’m very good in explaining that though :frowning: I will do some searching and let you know if I do post a tutorial :wink:

Here are the current tutorials:

(I will keep adding new ones to that topic.)


I am very keen to learn how to program multi player html5 games. I’ve only just started looking at it and made an experimental page with a rescalable canvas.

I gather I will be needing to run a game engine on the server and I’m wondering if you can recommend one that is compatible, and how to set it up.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


@_melahi, thanks for the suggestion! Not sure if I will be able to make a tutorial off of what you suggested, but I will see what I can find for you. :wink:


You have to get a VPS for that.
I recommend hostinger!


I have had trouble using XMLhttpRequest JAVASCRIPT / PHP connection. Still not sure ifI have it right.
A Tutorial would be nice. Need a POST version



It will be created soon.


I do know that your servers support .php for server side programming but that is not adequate for real time multi-player games. Currently looking at lance node based game engine. For that my host server needs to be able to run Node.js language.


Thanks. I gather it depends on the type of language that my server can run. php is not adequate for real time server hosted games. The engine I’m looking at now uses a language called Node.js but there are probably many other possibilities. :blush:


For node.js, you need to get a VPS


Hello All!

What videos would you like to see next? Creating an account, deleting a site, publishing to Google? Let me know! I want all of your suggestions! :tada:


My cable company is blocking my site. They say it does not have a permanent IP. Can you help?


What is the company @maxnolder?


Youtube API, upload videos by form to Youtube and receive the link of the video posted ?


Installing OpenCart on 000webhost


@hexa is this possible? :slight_smile:


yeah. I can make that! :wink: