Suggestions for Video Tutorials


yeah. I can make that! :wink:


@NinaRu, I have created an OpenCart installation video. Check it out below! :slight_smile:

( Copy & Paste the URL :wink: )


Thanks for share this post.


make a video on changing URL of Wordpress.


Sure @haseeb961! I’ll get that made tomorrow :slight_smile:


@haseeb961 I just finished making it now :slight_smile:


OH thanks but if i go to youtube they give another method,
1: Go to settings then general settings
2: There is option changing url too

So which one is the preferred method.


If i use the method in tools settings my website stops responding as happened with my other site.
All fonts and photos disappeared its the only problem.
Also i have disabled all my plugins.


hmm. Haven’t heard of that problem before. The option that is shown to change the url is better, because this is a tool built by us, which is compatible with our hosting. :slight_smile:


What’s the difference in Flexible SSL and Full SSL. Because with flexible settings website does not load or it does not show SSL certificate. It says website redirected you too many times.


Take a look at this. :wink:


So which one i should use for 000webhost. an example is this website Flexible is enabled on it. And Full ssl in enabled on this Flexible ssl does not load

#32 seems to be loading fine. Try Full SSL?


Yes i have tried full ssl on so it works fine not the othe one


Set the other domain to Full SSL also. :slight_smile:


Yea it works fine now. I need to ask can we advertise our site with free hosting?


Sure. That would be alright. :slight_smile:


how i install opencart on 00webhost



how to install CMS on 000webhost ???