Superfast and optimized WordPress Themes 2018


Your website’s traffic isn’t worth anything – if most of the people have to wait ages for it to load and then click the back button out of frustration.

Helping you build amazing websites is our prime duty. So to help you build the fastest website possible, I have tested some of the most popular themes to discover which is the fastest loading WordPress theme available today.

If you are looking for a fast loading website with minimal page load times, then the results from my test will help you pick the right theme for your needs.

P.S. All of the themes below are free!

Twenty Ten

Twenty ten is an amazing theme with minimum load time. It is super optimized and works really amazing. It loads in less than a second which is really remarkable. It looks simple, and that’s the core reason it loads faster than any other theme.

Twenty Eleven

Twenty Eleven can be considered sister of Twenty Ten. This theme too loads faster than most of the themes there out in the WordPress repository. It loads in a second which is really notable and hence this comes on the second page of our list.


Astra is fast, fully customizable & beautiful theme suitable for blog, personal portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront. It is very lightweight (less than 50KB on frontend) and offers unparalleled speed. So basically, if you want to look a bit cooler, and at the same time, faster than normal, this theme is for you.


Lightweight and highly extendable, it will enable you to create almost any type of website such a blog, portfolio, business website and WooCommerce storefront with a beautiful & professional design. Very fast, responsive, RTL & translation ready, best SEO practices, unique WooCommerce features to increase conversion and much more.

If you want your website to load up fast and secure the first spot in search engine results, you will need a WordPress theme that is fully optimized for speed.

The WordPress theme you use will have a massive impact on how fast your website loads.

If your theme offers every feature under the sun, is bloated with scripts and resources, and comes with lots of low-quality code, your website’s speed will suffer.

If your theme isn’t optimized for speed, whatever you do to improve your website’s speed will prove in vain.

Lastly, I would like to add that please don’t rely on my list for choosing your theme - go out there and explore as many possibilities as you possibly can and see what works best for you - maybe you can find a far better option which fits perfectly fine to your project and niche. Also, you can absolutely add your preferred themes that you think are super fast in the comment section below - and I would love to explore your choice as well.

Thank You so much for taking the time to read this small tiny post - see you soon, till then be wild, creative, passionate and make the most of internet - it is a limitless world.