Suspended (Terms of service violation: Copyrighted material, website copy)


This free hosting service is not reliable.
I have closed my website Lost database … I hosted the images.
Are not reliable.
225MB/1500 MB Disk Space I’ve never even exceeded this limit.
The website that was created based lam online movies free.
I really do not understand why the website was closed, every night I keep redirected to
Pretty please help me!


Free web hosting is not a beast of burden you can abuse without mercy.

CPU limit reached : is a result of bad code that you wrote
**TOS violation (copyright) : ** Less than 3000 movies are truly ‘free’ and these are listed at the Internet Archive.


Even take database MySQL, I worked on this basis database. :frowning:


First is a free hosting service. I do not understand what the job is justice, I just took advantage of this service because it is free, and secondly I do not see what’s wrong about this free hosting service.

It seems an aberration because I make a website, at least not exceed the limit of disk space and then suspend my site for what?


Is better this way, or do you want to be standing in front of a judge and be forced to pay huge fine ? That is what happens when the lawyers catch you.


find another hosting, there are free hosting who alow you to embed videos is letting the ppl to build their sites, and when they get visitors, they suspend their accounts to make them pay for premium

dont waste your time with them, if you lost some personal files, you can report them to european supreme court of justice for abuse, remember that you have rights, if u are from europe make one complain against them, in case that you lost some important information by using their service


Tell us the titles of last ten film you added to the site.


If you want to keep hosting and never get suspended you always have to stay within your limits and the TOS


I do not understand what you mean.
Search on google and find all about


searching it does not really answer his question though


Search on google and find all about

Sigh… if you insist LOL!

What you like me show everybody?

A list of all the Pirated movies you provided links to or your [URL=“”]Website Traffic Logs?

You are not allowed to give people links to pirated movies, is called aiding piracy and you can be punished for this.
CPU violation was probably caused by GoogleBot indexing your website to fast or a badly written screen scraper script that was taking the links from another pirate website.


It is Illegal to distribute links to pirated material, This is probably why your website was taken down. If it was in fact taken down due to the googlebot be glad it was from there and not from 000webhost reporting you to the authorities


Well, I guess that the “CPU Limit Exceeded” is because of wordpress. It uses by default a lot of CPU, and if you add plugins, the cpu usage will be even higher.

So there are 2 plausible causes:

  • you had really high traffic
  • you had too many plugins

Offtopic: nu face siteuri de genul ala, ca nici nu sunt de durata si nici nu-s legale…


The title says copywrite material so I am assuming that 000webhost caught up with him and shut him down for the movies.


This free hosting service is not reliable.
There’s no reason that a connection gave me to stay.
Visitor traffic growing by the day with a considerable number of large and cause Ca Mau was forced to update the site on to take their money in our hands.
Thank you. Goodbye!

Acest serviciu de hosting gratuit nu este de incredere.
Nu are nici-o legatura motivul pe care mi la dat sa suspende.
Traficul de vizite crestea pe zi ce trece cu un numar considerabil de mare si cauza era ca mau fortat sa actualizez siteul pe sa ieie bani pe mana noastra.
Va multumesc. La revedere !


Suggest you try they are based in Romania and the price is good.


Doesn’t matter, I was way within limits and had my site suspended and data deleted with no warning. will not restore your data regardless of what they tell you. If they restore anything it will be old data.