🎉 Need a Great Website Template? Check This Out!


Hello Everyone!

I’m Austin, part of the staff at 000webhost / Hostinger. I’d like to introduce a template that I have created today for you all to enjoy, Launched. :slight_smile:

Launched is a basic, easy-to-use Bootstrap based template. It’s built using Bootstrap 3 and is compatible with all Bootstrap components. I’m super excited to release it to all of you! It’s great for those just starting their site and aren’t ready to create their own yet. :wink: Some screenshots are below.

If you are interested in getting this template for your website, please PM me. I’ll then let you know if you’re eligible to get the Launched template. Once you get the template, you will also receive free updates for it without needing to requalify!

Let me know your feedback! :blush:

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Great! Now ask them to fix the upload issue, so if I did wish to use it, I could load my own pictures on it. Thanks


What issues are you having @acd?


Can’t get anything to upload a file, I have noticed others are having the issue but the thread has been closed saying that it has been fixed when it has not. Been having trouble with your site for a week.


Reply to your original topic? :slight_smile:
Uploads failing


I’m still wondering, why is the “Simple script to track your visitor with ease” is CSS ?

NEXT-LEVEL CSS ? :smile:


What do you mean @jeuxjeux20?


This :

The code is CSS, but how can it track visitors ? (That’s the joke)


I think it is just a screenshot, do not take the picture literally :slight_smile:


I know lol, it was for the joke.


oh, I get it. :joy: I simply found that picture on Google. :slight_smile: