Template Messed Up


My site was looking good, then I saved my files in Dreamweaver, and now my template is all messed up. Earlier @Supun fixed some image stuff on my site, but now its messed up again. Tried re-writing path for template, and now the images are there, but nothing is proportionate and a lot is missing. What should I do?


@rtmclendon Fixed :slight_smile: Your website is working fine now.


@akhilkumar332 Thank you so much. Is it possible to tell me what you did? At the risk of it happening again, I’d rather fix it than crowd the forum. Just checking. Thanks.


@rtmclendon Path given was wrong. You don’t need to mention “public_html” in path, just mention the file name…would be enough.

Let us know if you feel any other issue :slight_smile: