Testing new feature to remove website sleeping


Sure @Ayu. If they will allow us to choose between sleeping mode and mining mode that would be a blessing. An alert to the users seems a pretty decent idea. I hope it will be customizable so that we can add our custom message with the alert.



Sure mining mode will be optional. Users will be able to choose whether they want their websites to mine or to sleep :slight_smile: More info on the functionality is here: https://www.hostinger.com/blog/000webhost-cryptocurrency-mining


Hard to follow the rules but we have to follow the rules to make the better community.


for some odd reason i just saw this today but still i want to be a part of the beta if it’s still in beta and thanks
Can I be included in the test list?


hey, sure!

We are still putting final touches to the feature and will be launching alpha testing soon :wink:

Will keep yall posted