"the subdomain is already taken"


Hi there,

I am trying to re-create my 000webhost website by following their migration tutorial on their website,

I have deleted my old website on the old platform and deleted my profile, as per their instructions.

However, when I try to add my own domain name to the “free subdomain” on the new platform, it advises me that “the subdomain is already taken”

How can this be?


What is the domain name?


hi hexa

my domain name is:



Thank you! I will put in a request to unlock that domain. You said you have followed the migration tutorial and migrated your site to the new control panel. Is that correct?


Hi hexa

Yes - you are correct - I was following the migration tutorial in order to migrate it to the new control panel.

Many thanks for your interest.


John B


I see this was resolved? If not hit Infinity and message me.