The website still won't show up on line, but why?


My website isn’t showing up on line and I can’t figure out why. I’m getting the notice that I need an index.html page, and there IS one. I checked the nameservers, did the DNS Dig to make sure Google sees the addy, etc. The site name I check has the hyphen (-org instead of .org) and then What’s wrong? Please help.


Hi, what’s the website name? I can’t find any accounts associated with your forum email address.


Hi – sorry. I thought it was the same address. The website is Since I posted, I’ve added an Index.php file too. Doesn’t help :(.


Hi as i can see there is only an index.html which you have written like


In this the “i” is capital that’s why it is not showing index.html so change Index.html to index.html


Oh, for HEAVEN’S SAKE!! :roll_eyes: Well, thank you :star_struck: very much!


No problem :slight_smile:
Do post back anytime :wink: