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Developers are aware of issues with the free service tonight, this results in users frontend websites not loading, database and FTP connectivity issues as well as our control panel not responding, timing out, unable to create new sites and loading the website list.

Apologies, please be patient and check back tomorrow.

Original user message:

when i load into the website list it tells me that there’s a internal error, is anything going on 000webhost? ohnoes

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Good day!

What error do you receive? Your website is loading good on our side :slight_smile:

It’s not the website, its the list.

Please copy/paste the URL on which you receive the error.

It’s literally

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I have the same thing it says internal error so its 000webhosts Fault it on the page after you sign in where you can see a list of your websites

I understand. Information has been forwarded to our developers! :slight_smile:

I also have a issue that a button I made on my page is magically next to the 000webhost button on the bottom right of the page

We are aware of issues that started about 45 minutes ago, apologies and updated the original post to reflect this :slight_smile:

Yep downtime just got to 1 hour Rip

Desde ayer no me puedo loguear porque me sale constantemente Please wait. Connecting to server

Yep as above we are aware - check back tomorrow.