This domain already in use - unlinked from old account

Im trying to link a domain to my site, but I’m getting an error “the domain already in use”.
I used this amount and domain years ago before 000 changed everything up. How can this be unlinked so I can use it again?

Domain being? :slight_smile: is the domain

Can you try parking it now?

Looks good now! Thanks!

About how long does it usually take to link a domain?
I’ve changed my nameservers to:
And parked + added subdomain on 000.
Currently getting this when visiting the site:

This site can’t be reached

took too long to respond.



DNS can be up to 48 hours, the same with any hosting service :slight_smile:
See How to enable faster DNS resolution on Windows 10

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Thank you so much!
I’ll check that link