This site can't provide a secure connection error in HTML game


Hi guys, I made an html game a while ago, and it used to work fine and I could access it but suddenly I get a “this site can’t provide a secure connection” error.
Here’s the address:
I also tried making a second website to see if I had made any mistakes by removing a file by accident or something, but I get the same result.


Hi @snow106!

Your game loads fine from here without errors.

Please clear your browser cache and make sure you are accessing it over a HTTPS line:


I just cleared my browser data and had no luck. I also tried using firefox and edge


What exact error do you get?

Please screenshot it…



Try this fix:

  1. In your chrome browser URL, type chrome://flags/#enable-quic and hit enter button

  2. You will find Experimental QUIC protocol will be active with Default option,

  3. Now from the drop-down list, select Disabled,

  4. Now in the bottom or the page, click on RELAUNCH NOW

If this does not solve the problem, there may be a DNS issue. Please keep clearing your browser cache and flush your DNS. In addition, please try this tutorial:

Or else, reboot your machine. Try again after 24 hours if necessary.