To many data base connection


My website is currently down (Raidplaner - EQdkp Plus) and I asked in the EQdkp Plus forum for
assistance. However, it is not the html installation that produces the error, but the mysql data bank.

How can i fix this in myphpadmin?

this is the error message i am getting:

24.03.2018 13:13:09 >>>> 6cff7bc30d1af8f78f3e946d81ad3210 <<<< Type: DBAL Exception Message: SQLSTATE[HY000] [1226] User ‘id2610042_gfbfuhrpark’ has exceeded the ‘max_user_connections’ resource (current value: 30) Code: 0 Trace: File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/libraries/dbal/dbal.class.php, Line: 155, Function: connect File: , Line: , Function: __construct File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/registry.class.php, Line: 74, Function: newInstanceArgs File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/gen_class.class.php, Line: 55, Function: register File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/config.class.php, Line: 163, Function: __get File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/config.class.php, Line: 54, Function: get_dbconfig File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/super_registry.class.php, Line: 298, Function: get File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/core/super_registry.class.php, Line: 132, Function: set_debug_level File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/common.php, Line: 51, Function: init File: /storage/ssd2/042/2610042/public_html/index.php, Line: 24, Function: include_once <<<<


Hi, take a look at this.