"Too many resources"

Hey everyone, I contacted 000webhost with this question but they gave me the link to the forums so I apologize if this is stupid.

I made a website on the free version of 000webhost and recently my account was suspended due to too many resources. Due to that, I went ahead and upgraded to Hostinger (using the link on 000webhost website). I’m ready to migrate my site from 000webhost to Hostinger but now I am unable to get into my 000webhost account. I originally created the account with my Facebook account so I have to sign in with the Facebook link on the sign-in page. I get an error from Facebook saying " Feature Unavailable. Facebook Login is currently unavailable for this app, since we are updating additional details for this app. Please try again later."

Is there a way to unlink FB to my account? I just need to get in so I can migrate my site!!! Thanks in advance!

Sure if you provide me your email address or website URL I can look into this, hopefully it was less than 14 days ago as data will be deleted after this time.

The Hostinger team will be happy to help you further - I can’t access Hostinger systems directly sadly.

Please ensure your data is migrated within 7 days to avoid disappointment - please update your nameservers if you are using a custom domain.

If you are unsure if your website is migrated after a few days please get back in touch and we can confirm if you provide the relevant details.

You’ll no longer use 000webhost - don’t visit our control panel - just use Hostinger from now on.

- Raise a support ticket by hitting the purple button bottom right or accessing https://hpanel.hostinger.com/help

- The Hostinger team move all your data from 000webhost to Hostinger premium - therefore you face no limitations at all!

So you’ll need to set your custom domain if you own one to face Hostinger Premium Services via their nameservers

DNS resolution can take a small amount of time - this happens with every host and there isn’t much we can do to speed it up but you’ll be online in no time!

We have a few things to do first to start using premium.

1) login to Hostinger from now on - https://hpanel.hostinger.com (you no longer need visit 000webhost at all - in fact deleting your 000webhost after migration is a great idea)
2) point your custom domain if you’ve got one to Hostinger nameservers
3) activate SSL after your domain has resolved if included in your plan
4) TRANSFER ALL 000WEBHOST DATA TO HOSTINGER > Manually yourself, or automatically by requesting it via the ticket.

After 4 steps are completed your website should resolve to Hostinger Premium - no limitations, no issues - just smooth sailing!

It would be always best to directly now to login to Hostinger and not 000webhost to avoid the limitations and close your 000webhost account for peace of mind.

Now we are over at our new home - Hostinger
You’ll likely see the SSL setup if you’ve got a custom domain like yoursite.com - you’ll need to hit Home at the top if this doesn’t appear.

This should appear if you got Free SSL included depending on plan taken.

Now please raise a ticket and request your free data transfer to Hostinger as soon as possible so you no longer face limitations of 000webhost and have all your data and website on Hostinger premium.


If you get stuck be sure to let us know and we can try to help you through things.

Let me know any further questions at all and I’ll do my best to resolve from this side of things.

Please ensure you migrate your website within 7 days to avoid any issues in the future on 000webhost side of things and close your 000webhost account promptly or ask the team to do so here.

If you are unsure about anything at all please let me know! I will do my best to assist!

Oh no, it was more thank 14 days ago!! My email used to sign in is strawberries9214@aim.com . Thank you, let me know if you are able to unlink it from my Facebook account.

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