Не могу получить доступ к своему сайту

Долгое время у меня был сайт по адресу:
но после связывания аккаунта с учетной записью gmail.com мой аккаунт удалился, и я не могу даже получить доступ к своему ресурсу n27sss, или даже открыть заново: пишет “Имя уже занято”.
Пожалуйста дайте доступ к моему сайту

So I’ve checked and it was deleted on as per our policy on Inactive Users.

Inactive Users Information News and General Information

Users who are inactive will start to receive emails to inform them of their inactivity, it will give you option to login to your control panel at 000webhost.com, to stop the deletion of your websites/data/account and the timer will reset each time you login to the panel. So if you signed up today 24th July, and then didn’t login for 3 months you will get an email giving you a weeks grace period to login to reset the timer again. When users get the email informing them of their account inactivi…

Users must login to our control panel regularly to maintain active status - using FTP doesn’t count, only logging into our control panel keeps your account in active status.

One week prior to deletion our system sent an email out to the registered account and gave the link to cancel deletion and login to our panel, but there was no response to this so the account was automatically removed, it may have been you missed it or it went to spam.

They’ve invested heavily in a third party mailing service to ensure high deliverability, but sadly some providers still even blacklist the term “000webhost” so it goes to spam due to previous abusive users, we can’t help that some providers do this.

Users are ultimately 100% responsible for ensuring they have regular backups of THEIR DATA.
000webhost accepts no responsibility for data loss as agreed within the terms agree upon signup.
Part of the terms of service you agree to upon signup to under section 5 is you agree to keep backups and accept the risk and loss of your content by any means.

You are free to create a brand new account, then upload your content again, be aware that free subdomains cannot be reused for security reasons.


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