Tranferring website PROBLEM

I have just upgraded to Premium. It’s supposed to be all nice and easy! I went to transfer my website but the page doesn’t show any website name nor does it have a facility to entera name. So I clicked on the TRANSFER button thinking it would get me to a new page which would allow me to select/enter my website name. Instead, it just went ahead and transferred a website I didn’t want to transfer. I wrote to the Hostinger support/helpers but no answer and now can’t get to them.
The question is: How do I get to the Hostinger supporters OR how do I get the website I want to transfer transferred?

I’ll check on this now for you.

Thanks. You have 9 hrs. I’m on the other side of the globe at this time and I’m off to bed.

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I’ve raised a ticket with Hostinger customer services for you this morning.
They did reply on my live chat when I enquired.

Thanks. Awaiting to hear from them.

So I take it you want what URL transferred to Hostinger?

Yes and my URL is

I’m quite disappointed myself for whatever reason your transfer went wrong and I’ve expressed this to staff + the long process for whatever reason it took after asking multiple times via live chat to transfer casdata seemed to be ignored for some reason.
Hopefully in the next hour casdata will become will be finally created and up and running with the free data transfer…