Transfer my domain to fastcomet


hello I create a new account on your 000webhost and paid for on your site
now I want to delivery the domain to fastcomet how do I do it?


Can you explain a bit more??


I want to transfer the domain that I buy to other website services fastcomet
how can I transfer the domain


If it your’s then yes you can.
Just head over to your domain management panel and click “Transfer Domain” and finish the needed steps.


what i need to do
in the fastcomet i paid that they will do the transfer but its failed because this - “transfer Failed Since No Registrant Response Obtained”


:point_up_2: plz follow the above.
or contact via chat after you login.


but in 000webhost i don’t see this option
and in my hostinger i dont see that i have domain
but in whoislookuo i see that the domain is register in hostinger


No you need to head over to hostinger for domain management.

Make sure you’ve signed in to correct account.

Can you paste screenshot of it? because i don’t see it.


i have 2 accounts in hostinger but in two accounts i dont see my domain


ok i find the account but it can’t be transferred because of the domain is already hosted somewhere and it cannot be transferred.


Unpark your domain from 000webhost account, then again login to your hostinger account and try to transfer.


the transfer is to hostinger i need to tranfer from hostinger to fastcomet


I understand that, that’s the reason reason i’ve suggested the below.

Or contact hostinger via live chat.


i delete my account in 000webhost and also the website deleted but it still show me that i cant transfer the domain


Can you plz contact hostinger via live chat. They’ll will be able to fix your issue.